Invoice Processing

Automated invoice processing consists of 3 parts:

  • Scan / OCR module for recognizing and reading invoices (also PDF received via email)
  • Workflow for control / approval
  • Digital archive

The scan / OCR module processes the scanned invoices. Every scanner can be used as long as it can scan to a network folder that serves as an ‘inbox’. The software is also capable of monitoring one or more email addresses and processing PDF invoices.

If the invoices are processed, the read out data is displayed on the verification workstation. OCR is not 100% reliable and it is and remains necessary to check this. After checking, the software can make bookings in the financial system. There are, among other things, integrations available for AFAS, Unit4, AccountView and Gilde Pro.

With the workflow module, departments and / or people can be managed. This can be arranged in such a way that cost invoices go through a different process than purchase invoices. The workflow module monitors progress and can generate notifications if invoices are not processed in time. In addition, the history of the process is retained, including the comments made by the users.

Ultimately, the invoices are kept in the digital archive. The paper invoices can be destroyed. In the digital archive, the invoices can be quickly retrieved by searching for features such as: supplier, invoice number, invoice date and purchase reference. Moreover, you can search in the text of invoices. Invoices can be viewed directly via the built-in document viewer.

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