Safer than a safe

Digital archiving of files in windream is many times safer and more reliable than in a Windows folder structure. This is due to the extensive legal system and such a structure that files can never just be lost. It is no coincidence that windream meets, among other things, the FDA 21CFR11 standard. Moreover, it is safer than storing paper in a safe: it can burn off but a backup of your windream data can be safely stored elsewhere.

Find a pin in a haystack?

You can do that with windream! The extensive search functions allow you to retrieve your document in seconds. No matter where it is. In addition to searching for attributes, you can also search in the text of documents. Via the built-in viewer you can view the documents directly, also via a web browser.

Seamless integration

windream is seamlessly integrated with the Windows Explorer. This is even a worldwide patent. This allows you to work with windream as if you were working with the Explorer. This allows files to be opened and saved immediately and seamless integrations with many ERP and CRM systems are possible.


  • Seamless integration in Windows Explorer
  • Fully complies with laws and regulations for digital archiving
  • Almost limitless storage capacity
  • Very flexible and scalable system
  • Extensive, modular functionality

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