Windream Exchange

Do you have so much e-mail?

And can you find it quickly? With windream Outlook e-mail archiving you can find e-mail flawlessly. Also that of colleagues and also months or years ago. The archiving itself is very simple via a button in Outlook. Select the e-mail (s) and / or the attachments, choose the customer or project file and click on ‘OK’. Done! Automatic e-mail archiving based on set rules is also possible.

Fast and reliable

A big additional benefit of windream Exchange is that the e-mail server is relieved. Messages and attachments are moved to windream. Only a link remains in Outlook. However, you can continue to work with Outlook as you normally do. Even if you are offline with your laptop.


  • Very easy to operate archiving from Outlook
  • Find email very quickly based on attributes or in full text
  • Automatic e-mail archiving based on rules
  • Easy configuration via wizards
  • Relieve the Microsoft’s Exchange Server

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