ecmXperts contributes to a greener world: digital work creates one lower environmental impact then work with paper! Of course we apply that principle in our own administration. In addition, we do the following:

Internet demo

To reduce the number of kilometers, we prefer to give demonstrations of our solutions via the internet. We also prefer to install and maintain the software remotely. In addition to a lower environmental impact, this also reduces costs. And you also benefit from that!

WWF format

The WWF format is an initiative of the World Wildlife Fund. This is in fact a PDF document that can not be printed. Less printing = less paper = better environment.
Would you like to participate too? Then download the WWF printer via

Triodos Bank

ecmXperts bankers at Triodos Bank. This bank focuses on organizations that support a healthy environment and healthy nature. You can think of sustainable energy projects, but also organic farming. Recycling companies and projects for nature conservation are also discussed.
More information: