Windream ECM

Patented simplicity

The unique and patented VFS technology on which windream is based allows users to work with ECM as with the Windows Explorer. VFS stands for Virtual File System. This makes it possible to save files in windream ECM from any Windows application with the known ‘Save as …’ function. As a result, the learning time is minimal and you can quickly get started with windream ECM. Integrations with other systems can therefore easily be realized.
In windream, document types can be arranged that have the following properties:
  • Features: different characteristics can be set for each type of document
  • Rights: Extended rights can be set per document type
  • Life cycle: offers a change and an archiving period
  • History: the history of the document is retained
  • Full text: this is automatically included in the index


  • ECM system for all applications
  • Open and save documents directly via the familiar Windows commands
  • Unique integration in Windows Explorer with patented VFS technology
  • Low implementation costs
  • Easy integration with many systems possible

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