One Click Solutions

One Click Solutions offers solutions to make data processing faster and easier. Instead of retyping paper, a simple mouse click is enough to enter data. ecmXperts offers three products:


Automatic processing of incoming mail. If the addressee is not recognized, you can manually forward the scanned mail by clicking. The scanned mail can be automatically stored in windream and workflows can be started.

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Quickly and easily click on information and enter to any Windows application. ClickWizard works 3x as fast as retyping and there are much fewer errors made when data entry in another system.

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AutoClick for windream

With AutoClick for windream, the processing and archiving of documents can be automated in windream. Learning new documents is one-off and is very easy to click through. Once the template has been set, all other documents are automatically recognized and processed. Also controlling a windream workflow is possible from AutoClick.

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