Xpert Invoice

Quick and easy invoice processing?

Xpert Invoice is a website where purchase invoices can be processed digitally and automatically. No software has to be purchased. It works with bundles of certain quantities of invoices. The bundle counts down to zero and then a new bundle can be purchased. The number of users is unlimited because you are charged per invoice. PDF, ICF and XML invoices can be processed into bookings for different financial systems.

The solution consists of 2 modules:

Administration module

Here the invoice data is checked and converted into a booking in the financial system. Invoices can be monitored via a status that cannot be processed immediately. The administration module also contains the digital archive where the invoices are stored and can be found. The reading of PDF invoices through OCR and the processing of XML invoices is included in the administration module.

Workflow module

This module can be added and makes approval in the organization possible. After approval, the payment blockage can be removed and/or the invoices are returned to the administration. The workflow can be configured for optimal alignment with your organization.

Fully automatic checking and processing

Xpert Invoice offers the possibility of fully automatic checking and booking. This can be configured to only apply to certain, trusted suppliers, and up to a certain amount. The invoice can also be compared with the order or assignment in the ERP system, whereby the margin of deviation can be set.

Supported financial systems

  • Gilde project administration and financial administration
  • Exact Online
  • Exact Globe (via import XML)
  • Snelstart
  • Twinfield
  • Unit 4

Supported XML formats: Ketenstandaard (Dico/InsBou) 002, 003, 004, 005 and UBL2