About Us

Welcome to ecmXperts!

We specialize in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions based on the leading windream system. It is not for nothing that we are windream Integration Partner. This means that we have sufficient knowledge and experience to integrate windream with other systems such as Outlook, HandSoft, web portals and ERP or CRM systems.

In our digital world, it is necessary to archive documents and files securely and digitally for quick access wherever and whenever we need it. We facilitate our clients to realize this through our knowledge, collaboration, integrated solutions and a pragmatic approach. Our solutions are focused on:

Possible Applications

  • Scanning and digital archiving of project files / client files / personnel files
  • Scanning and processing of invoices / forms / production receipts
  • Contract management
  • Knowledge / CV database
  • Workflow for incoming invoices / orders / employment contracts / holidays

Our Mission

Making the possibilities and benefits of digital archiving, document management and workflow available to small and medium-sized businesses. Ask for our starting bundle!

Our Values

  • Professionality
  • Openness
  • Collaboration / teamwork
  • Customer focus / value
  • Pragmatic
  • Working towards a better world / MVO