Windream BPM

windream BPM gives peace in your organization

With windream BPM you get more grip on your business processes. You know exactly what the status and progress is of, for example, a quotation or invoice and who is currently working on it. If certain steps take too long, you will automatically receive a notification. That gives peace!
Design every process
The windream BPM Designer makes it possible to model every business process. Both departments and individuals can be managed. Certain steps can also be automated, whereby other systems are also controlled. Via a simple tool on your desktop, you can see which tasks still have to be done. The workflow can be arranged flexibly so that tasks can easily be sent to another person.

Also web-based

windream BPM is also available in a web version. This means that no local client installation is required. The full functionality is available, including direct access to the enclosed documents via windream DocView.


  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Managing departments or individual employees
  • Process model easy to adjust via BPM Designer
  • Built-in viewer for documents (Windream DocView)
  • Function-oriented roles based on windream user management

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