Manually process documents if it can be done automatically?

With EasySeparate documents can be processed automatically. The software is very flexible and therefore offers extensive possibilities. For example for the automatic processing of time sheets, orders, freight notes, bank statements or invoices. Automatic processing of incoming email is also possible. During the processing process, characteristics can be read which can be used for archiving in windream or managing a business process.

You keep the control

EasyVerify is the tool for the user to check, complete or change data. With this, a simple document routing can be set up, for example, to check and approve invoices. The word says it all: EasyVerify is very clear and easy to use.


  • Great savings when processing documents
  • Very flexible and configurable solution
  • Suitable for automated invoice processing
  • Document routing possible
  • Easy to operate

Download de EasySeparate brochures via ons Infocenter.