What (else) can you do with windream?

Windream is an independent document management system (DMS) that can be well integrated with CRM and ERP systems. Because windream works via Windows Explorer, ‘integrations’ with systems that store files in Windows folders are easy to achieve. Powerful search functions are available via Windream Search to quickly find files, regardless of the folder in which the file is located. Starting a search function from the CRM or ERP system is not that difficult to realize.

windream is suitable for storing large quantities of files for long term storage, where the integrity of those files is preserved and monitored. This is in line with the administration obligation that every company has. windream also helps to comply with GDPR legislation. And it provides better protection against ransomware!

Because windream manages the files/documents, the possibilities for use are very extensive.

Document management options
• Long-term archive for the financial administration: purchase and sales invoices; tax administration. These documents can be automatically archived, for example via AutoClick scan/recognize software
• Personnel file archive with limited rights to access sensitive documents
• Project archive: for example for projects that have already been completed but also for ongoing projects. These project files can also be accessed securely outside the company via mobile access to windream
• Archive for WKA documents/WKA retention obligation: with automatic option to send subcontractors an email if the documents are incomplete or expired.
• Technical documentation: structured storage of specifications, manuals and other technical documents allows them to be found quickly. The ‘full text’ search function is also a very powerful tool.
• Email archive: automatic archiving of email and attachments based on rules. The attachments are automatically deduplicated to save disk space.

Workflow options
The windream workflow option uses the files in the DMS. The workflows can be configured according to your business processes. We have created workflows for, among other things:
• Purchase invoices: processing and posting of invoices to various financial systems and internal approval and release of the payment.
• Sales invoices: automatically search for required attachment(s), merge documents into one PDF and prepare the draft email for sending.
• Calculation/submission of quotations
• Approval of orders
• Checklist/formal approval of a new project
• Checking and releasing new versions of procedures and manuals

Mobile use
Windream can also be used mobile on a tablet or smartphone via:
• Windream Dynamic Workspace (website)
• Windream App for iPhone or Android
• Xpert Docshare portal: this is also suitable for providing secure/temporary access to external parties