Email Erchiving

We send each other dozens of email messages every day. And to ensure that everyone is up to date, we send each other CCs. This leads to an explosion of data on the email server. Due to fiscal retention, these data must be retained for 7 years. The email server is not suitable for this, hence our solution for email archiving.

Email can be archived in two ways:

  • Manual: the user determines which email is archived where. The advantage of this is that file formation can be done. A disadvantage is that it is not waterproof.
  • Automatic: the email is archived on the basis of filters and rules. The advantage is that all email is archived. Unfortunately, file formation can be done well.

Our email archive offers both options. Email that is archived will be stripped of attachments. The system checks whether there are duplicate attachments so that the email is archived much more efficiently. Moreover, an index is built up so that e-mail can be found quickly.

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