Here are some interesting links regarding ECM: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Computable Datamanagement AIIM – The Global Community of Information Management AIIM – Youtube channel BARC – Business Application […]


Safer than a safe Digital archiving of files in windream is many times safer and more reliable than in a Windows folder structure. This is due to the extensive legal […]

Windream Web Portal

Mobile access to your documents Access your company documents via the internet. This is possible in a safe way with windream Web Portal. All search functions to quickly find documents […]

About Us

Welcome to ecmXperts! We specialize in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions based on the leading windream system. It is not for nothing that we are windream Integration Partner. This means […]

Windream ECM

Patented simplicity The unique and patented VFS technology on which windream is based allows users to work with ECM as with the Windows Explorer. VFS stands for Virtual File System. […]