Xpert Portal

We proudly present the Xpert Portal. The Xpert Portal offers several functional modules that can be used anywhere and anytime with a web browser. The portal is multilingual, offers possibilities for customer-specific colors and automatically scales to PC, tablet or smartphone.

Xpert Timesheet

With Xpert Timesheet, hours of books on projects are child’s play. You can also book hours on assignments or work orders for HandSoft users. Because the work schedule can be set, overtime and hourly rates are automatically granted. It is possible to book an entire day at once, to copy a week or to book an entire period in one go, for example for holidays. Also the indirect hours, travel times and kilometers are not forgotten. If a day or week is complete, it can be offered to the supervisor for approval. This is followed by export to the ERP system.

Xpert Invoice

With Xpert Invoice it is possible to process purchase invoices easily and quickly. The basic solution can process XML *, UBL2 and PDF invoices, match invoices to orders and goods receipts and create default bookings. Web services retrieve data from your financial system so that you can easily split and process a booking. In the archive the invoices and processes are kept and even book numbers can be searched for. The optional workflow module enables internal control and approval

*concerns InsBou 2, 3 and 4

Xpert DMShare

With the Xpert DMShare document portal it is possible to share data from your local windream system in a safe way with clients and customers. The end user can log in and browse project folders via an explorer, view files via the built-in viewer and download files. There is also an extensive search function. Logo and color scheme can be customized to your company and you can manage the login names of the end users yourself. A version will also be available for use without a local windream server. In that case, the files on our windream server will be stored safely. Interesting?

Contact us for more information about the possibilities or a test account.